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Mr. Strabel had wanted to install a solar electric system ever since his solar thermal system was installed.  With the rooftop of his home monopolized by the solar hot water system and the need for a large surface area of solar electric to satisfy his needs he was left with few options.  Having communicated with other solar installation companies about mounting options the Pole Top mounting solution seemed to meet the needs. 

Our Proposal

We worked with our client to achieve a tilt mounted Grid-Tied solar array that provides solar power year round with minimal shading, despite being on the side of a mountain.  This would have not been a success without the support from the folks at Montana Solar.

Project Details

Date: April 20, 2015

Author: Troy Hardwick

Categories: Custom Solar Mounting, Tilt Array, MEA

Tagged: Grid-Tie Solar, Montana Solar, SolarEdge Alaska

Client: Ed Strabel


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