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The Comforts of Home, LLC

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Specialty:  Guiding Alaskans to the Next Frontier in Energy Efficiency Excellence

Expertise:  Alaska Energy Rater

Guiding Alaskans to the Next Frontier in Energy Efficiency Excellence

Founding Board member of Alaska Association of Energy Professionals.  (AAEP)
Board member - Alaska Center for Appropriate Technology. (ACAT)
1st Alaska PHIUS Certified Rater (PassiveHouse Institute US)
Adjunct-UAA Construction Management Program
Instructor at ACHP (Alaska Craftsman Home Program)

NET ZERO Consulting, AHFC program Energy Ratings, as well as a full line of products to help achieve the best home you can get, whether you are retrofitting or building from plans.

Sole Alaska distributor for ALL products available through, 475 High Performance Building Materials:  Including Lunos Ventilators and Mento and Intello, Air Barrier Systems and ProClima Tapes.
Fenstur - Passive House, North American made windows and doors from Vancouver Island, built to European standards.
Greatland - Fiberglass Net Zero windows and doors

Zola - European Arctic quad pane Windows

Sun Bandit - PV solar hot water
Sanden - CO2 Air Source Heat Pump Hot Water.
Minotair - Compact Air Treatment Unit, Multi-functional ventilator
All 3 are now being combined to provide Net Zero Heat/Ventilation and Hot Water for Net Zero buildings all in one integrated system, developed by The Comforts of Home, in conjunction with all 3 manufactures.  They can have solar PV added at any time to make the home perform at Net Zero or even Net Positive. 
Rockwool - Comfortboard 80 and 100 Distributor for Alaska

LumenCache - DC low voltage whole house lighting and automation system with battery backup
Hot Spot Solar - Air Source Heat Pumps
Mestek/SpacePak -  Hydronic Air Source Heat Pumps
Prism Solar - Bifacial solar panels for northern climates
Minotair Multi-functional Air Exchanger - the PENTACARE-V12 is the Highest Rated HRV ever as tested by HVI 116%.

IWS - (International Wastewater Systems) SHARC and PIRAHNA
Radiant Comfort - Hydronic In-Floor
Owens Flooring - Engineered hardwood flooring made in USA
The Perfect Block - 100% recycled EPS content Insulated Concrete blocks
ICF’s - Insulating Concrete Forms By IntegraSpec
Jaga - Low temperature hydronic heating for low energy buildings
Basalt Fiber - Reinforced Composite Rebar and Braided Wire and Mesh Products
Insyncsolar - motorized Passive House shades
NeoCharge EV Charger - This is a 240V splitter for 2 cars from one existing 240V garage outlet.  This controls electricity for the dryer to EV, or EV to second EV from just one run of 240V to a single outlet.

Other innovative products isn they become available
Please visit WWW.TCOHLLC.COM for more about these highly effective products.
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