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Outback FLEXmax 100


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  • 100A output for up to 6kW of charging
  • Updated MPPT software algorithm improves energy harvest vs other controllers
  • 300VDC open-circuit voltage limit enables 2-4 string configuration to minimize BOS
  • Programmable auxiliary control output for smart load controls
  • Standard 5 year warranty upgraded to 7,000W of nameplate solar power at 48V
  • Integrated arc fault circuit detection and interruption for optimized systems
  • The only fully NEC 2017 compliant charge controller solution



The FLEXmax 100 is the latest innovation in Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) chargers from Outback Power. The advanced FM100 MPPT algorithm offers increased energy harvest from the PV array than other MPPT controllers. The FLEXmax 100 offers both higher voltage and higher power, improving design flexability and performance.

Outback network communications and OPTICS RE compatibility allows the FLEXmax 100 to be remotely programmed, monitored and controlled via any internet connected device providing unrivalled system integration.

The FM1000-300VDC is a top-of -the-line high performance, efficient and versatile charge controller for your advanced power needs.

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