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Generators repair installation and sales

If you are looking for a generator to provide backup power for your entire home or to charge batteries when renewable (solar, wind, hydro) are not available then H&K can help with the following:

  1. Sales: We can help you decide the right system for your application and budget and we can order direct from manufactures.
  1. Service: We provide all services related to generators, from simple oil and filter changes, to refurbishment. We can remove or install any system, provide backup power, and handle any control upgrades needed.
  2. Controls: We can upgrade and automate the control systems to auto start, meter and monitor key information, and provide remote monitoring.
  3. Electrical: We can repair or install any associated electrical components to your power plant.

H&K can assist with your new systems, repair and service your current system, or upgrade to any desired functionality of your system.

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