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Why choose a Power shed? A complete Alaska ready solution

There are several reasons why you want to keep your generator in an insulated shed: H & K can customize any size shed and install one or two primary generators, and a secondary gasoline portable generator connection point (inside or outside).  We can automate, remote monitor, and control the heating and cooling.  We have a variety of […]

Hydro electric

Micro hydro electric renewable power generators use the natural flow of water to generate electricity. This means that they can be used in remote locations that lack access to traditional power sources. This makes them a great option for remote energy clients who need reliable access to clean, renewable energy.  The main advantage of micro […]

Solar Array design and install on/off grid

There are several factors to consider when deciding whether a solar array should be ground-mounted or use a tracking system. Here are some things to consider: Overall, it is important to carefully consider the specific site conditions and the electricity production, budget, and long-term goals of the project when deciding whether to use a ground-mounted […]