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Jay Scrimshaw

Length of Work:  Since 1983

Expertise:  Refurbishing damaged equipment

Jay has lived in Alaska running his own off-grid power systems, cutting his own fire wood, and hauling his own water for the last 20 years for his interior home and his remote wilderness lodge.  Jay enjoys hunting, fishing, and remote Alaska adventures. He fully understands the hardships, complexities and the benefits of living an off-grid Alaskan life style.

Jay has over 40 years of electronic and electrical experience.  He started his career right after high school as a US Navy Electronics Technician, and then went on to earn his BS in Electrical Engineering from Washington State University.  Since then he has worked in research, development, and operations with high powered military broadcast transmitter sites, power systems engineering, space weather diagnostics systems, and alternative energy systems in industrial, marine, and residential settings. He was also a part time University of Alaska Adjunct Professor for Trigonometry, Calculus, and Physics for over 10 years, and a University of Wisconsin Adjunct Professor of Electronics, Algebra, and Astronomy.